May 22, 2024

3 Epic Ford Vehicles for Canadians in 2021

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Ford has now been playing a vital role in auto companies for over a century. It is recognized as a multinational company and was launched by Henry Ford in 1903. They are listed at the fifth number for largest automobile producers in the world. Ford markets luxury cars with the latest specifications in many countries like Canada, Mexico, the USA, etc. Here are the top 3 epic Ford vehicles you can buy in Canada. Contact a local Ford dealer and get your ride today!

2021 Ford EcoSport

One of the latest launches by Ford, this might be just the thing you are looking for in a sport utility vehicle. Starting at a reasonable price of 20k dollars, EcoSport comes in a range of colors. Soft and minimal moondust silver and a sharp and electric lighting blue are the two popular colors.


The performance of EcoSport is unmatched. If you are on a budget, this is the best car. It has excellent reviews and fantastic execution on the road when used on petrol.


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EcoSport has a variety of the latest specs and will not disappoint you with its power play. It has an option of a standard 123 horsepower engine that has three cylinders or a 166 one with four of them. Using four cylinders, you can tow 900 kilograms with this beast.

The outlook of this car is also alluring. Having a look at everything, it is worth the money to get this Ford.

Ford Mustang Mach-E

A bit pricier than the EcoSport, a Mustang Mach-E can travel 60 miles in under four seconds! The newest car in the collection, this electric car, can be yours in 60k dollars! No petrol pump rounds for a Mustang, for it is entirely electric. It also has a vast space so you can travel in it with five of your friends.


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The efficiency rate of this car is unreal. The performance on an empty highway will undoubtedly surprise you. It has a good rating and definitely deserves to be driven around Canada.


Mustang has to be one of the fastest sports utility vehicles. It packs up an astonishing 480 horsepower engine. You can run it up to a staggering 200 kilometers per hour without any effort. It also gives a range of more than 482 kilometers! Worth the cost without question.

2021 Ford Bronco Sport

Available at a starting price of 26k dollars, the suspension of this SUV is terrific! You can travel in mountains and rocky areas without the fear of damage. Other than that, this vehicle also achieved the IIHS top safety pick award in competition with all other Bronco models.


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Although it looks enormous, the Bronco Sport is pretty fast and lighter than expected. You will be able to notice a major difference in performance from the other Bronco models. It can go from 0 miles to 60 miles in under 7 seconds.

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Ford Bronco Sport comes with the top safety specifications amongst all others. Automatic braking, high beams, lane control, etc make it super convenient to drive. It can be run on gas, and the engines are turbocharged. With a total of three cylinders, it has 181 horsepower too. Bronco Sport definitely gives a lot for the amount being paid. Again, worth the cost and a good model you can get your hands on.

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