May 22, 2024
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5 Methods For Boosting AC Efficiency

Methods For Boosting AC

Some of the most common telltale signs that your customer’s air conditioning isn’t operating at peak efficiency include utility bill increases, frequent cycling, ice building on their condenser unit, as well as various unusual noises coming from their unit. Perhaps the most obvious and the most important sign is simply poor performance of their AC.

And that’s the biggest problem as well. What’s the point of an air conditioner if it doesn’t offer the cooling your customers require. How can it save them from the high summer temperatures if it can’t operate at maximum efficiency. However, barring system malfunctions that require the attention of your technicians, there are also various methods your customers can perform on their own in order to increase the efficiency of their air conditioner.

How Can My Customers Boost The Efficiency Of Their AC?

First things first, your customers need to ensure there are no issues with their AC. If there are any malfunctions, they need to contact your team and allow you to get their system in order. However, if everything’s operating properly and they want to further increase the efficiency of their air conditioning system, they can follow these tips:

Closing Doors And WIndows

AC Efficiency

It’s extremely easy for your customer’s freshly conditioned air to simply escape outside if your AC is on and the doors and windows in their homes or offices are open. There’s little point in having the air conditioner cool the property if they’re only going to allow all the cool air to disperse in a matter of minutes. Instead, they need to make sure to close all the windows and the majority of the doors in order to maximize the efficiency of their air conditioner.

Insulating The Attic

If the attic in your customers’ homes is hot, it’s going to be extremely difficult for their air conditioning system to achieve the desired temperatures in the living quarters. That’s why it’s essential to keep their attic cool as well with proper insulation. However, besides insulation, it’s important to check for any leaks in their attic as well as doors and windows to make sure no cool air manages to escape from their premises easily.

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Shading Their Home

Shading is essential if your customers are looking to significantly boost the efficiency of their air conditioning unit. Why allow direct sunshine to raise the temperatures in their homes or offices when they can pull the blinds down and help their AC work more efficiently and achieve comfortable temperatures more easily. This way, they’re not only increasing their own levels of comfort, but also reducing their energy bills.

Set The Thermostat Properly

Boosting AC Efficiency

The thing about the thermostat and the efficiency of your customer’s air conditioner is that they need to find the sweet spot between comfort and energy consumption. Setting the thermostat too low will only cause their AC to strain and use a lot more energy than necessary. On the other hand, setting it too high will not provide the comfort your customers require. So, the advice is to set the thermostat to the highest temperature that’s pleasant to your customers.

Regularly Change Air Filters

A dirty or a completely clogged air filter will negatively affect the functioning of the entire air conditioning system. It will reduce the cooling capacity, make the AC work a lot harder to achieve the desired temperature, and significantly lower the level of indoor air quality in your customers’ homes or places of business. That’s why it’s essential to check the filter every month and replace it as soon as it gets too dirty.

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