May 22, 2024

Car Accident in Las Vegas: Here is what you need to know

Car Accident 1

You must have seen wrecks along Tropicana Avenue several times. However, for some reason, you never imagined that one day you could be the sour-looking driver standing in your smashed-up SUV. One thing you should know is that driving is a gamble and more like a trip to the Bellagio, the odds may get stacked against you! Indeed, recent research revealed that most drivers have an accident every 18 years. That means you are likely to deal with a car accident (minor or major) at least twice in your lifetime.

Here is what Ladah Law Firm recommends if you ever get involved in a car accident.

First things first

The Nevada Revised Statutes particularly section 484E sets all the legal requirements placed on all the drivers associated with a car accident. First, it’s advisable to pull your vehicle over to the shoulder to avoid being perceived as a hit-and-run driver. In case someone was injured, the law requires you to offer basic help such as calling an ambulance or rushing the injured person to the hospital.

You should also exchange information with the individuals involved in the crash. For instance, you can share your name, address, and your vehicle registration number. The other parties should also share the same information with you. If the crash caused any form of property damage, you must call the police as soon as you can.

They should also collect evidence associated with the accident scene as soon as possible. A picture capturing the accident scene is worth a thousand words. Therefore, it’s wise to take snap some shots of the entire scene and all the vehicles involved using your iPhone.

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Take some notes about the circumstances that led to the accident including the road condition, weather, and more. You can also gather information from other people who witnessed the accident. Keep in mind that lawyers advise their clients to avoid taking admitting to being responsible for the accident or apologizing as these statements can always be used against them during court proceedings.

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If the car crash caused death, injuries, or property damage ($750 worth of the property), you should create a report of the traffic accident and submit it within ten days of the crash. This report should be detailed, and thus, it’s advisable to gather the names, addresses, car insurance information, drivers’ license details, and complete vehicle information from the other party involved in the accident. Before you submit the traffic accident report, attach a copy of any doctor’s statements if there were an injury and a copy of your car insurance card.

Getting legal help with the car accident

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If the car crash results in injury and property damage, the chances are that you will file a lawsuit or even demand compensation. Remember, neither you nor the other driver is likely to admit that they caused the accident. Therefore, you should seek legal help before you say or sign any paperwork that may end up being used against you.

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