October 1, 2023
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How to Quickly Clean Your Home Like a Pro

You certainly love it when your home is all fresh and clean, but you also strive to spend the shortest amount of time possible carrying out the tedious chores. Luckily, there’s always a way to increase the efficiency of your routine and regain your precious free time.


Our seasoned experts from Seattle’s NW Maids are sharing valuable tips on how to take care of your home like a real pro by applying a couple of efficient tips and tricks. Continue reading to find out what they are.

What is The Best Way to Speed-Clean Your House Professionally?

Whether you’re a rookie or you have a lengthy experience in dealing with house chores, there are always at least a couple of tricks you haven’t tried yet. Check out these professional tips to reduce the amount of time you spend cleaning:

Set Your Phone to Silent Mode

Make sure you reduce potential distractions to a minimum. Distractions come from everywhere, and a great way to keep your routine smooth is to prevent as many of them as possible.

You’re certainly tempted to check out your all-time favorite TV show or the newsfeed when it feels like taking a short break from cleaning, but it will only prolong the amount of time you spend doing your chores and eating away at your valuable time. Keep your TV off, set your phone to vibrate or silent mode, and shut down your PC.

Leave Out The Rooms You Seldom Use

It’s not necessary to perform all your chores every single time you take care of your house. If your home comprises guest bedrooms or formal living rooms, you probably don’t use them that often, so you can feel free to omit them and schedule their tidying up for another session.

An additional way of reducing the number of tasks is to schedule those like wiping down baseboards and ceiling for every second session.

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Go With The Products First

For chores like scrubbing away water deposits, scrubbing the toilet, or removing solidified and burnt-on spills, it’s necessary to apply products that require sufficient contact time to work efficiently. Apply them before you begin tending to other areas, and you’ll have the chemicals doing their job as you go around finishing off other chores.

When you return to the applied solutions, they’ll have done a major part of the work instead of you, and all you’ll have to do is wipe down the surfaces. This is a great way to save the time that you’d typically spend scrubbing and to efficiently make use of the time the products require to work.

Line Your Trash Bin Multiple Times

Instead of placing only one-liner in your trash can, try lining it with three or more layers. This way, when it’s time to take out the trash, you’ll remove only one layer, and still have at least two to go. Apart from saving you time, this will also help keep your bin clean for a longer time, as the layers work as a protection against stains and spills on the inside of your bin.

Really make use of your dishwasher

Utilize your dishwasher for items other than dishes. Rather than scrubbing and washing them manually, just toss them in. You can also use the duration of the cycle to carry out other tasks.

Items that are dishwasher safe include soap dishes, toothbrush holders, dish drains, and range hood filters. You can use the top shelf to place any objects that are made of plastic, glass, ceramic, and metal, and that are of the fitting size.

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