October 1, 2023
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What to Consider When You Decide to Remodel Your Bathroom

Bathrooms with a lot of characters are unique. Bathrooms aren’t the most significant part of any property, but a functional and well-designed bathroom makes a positive impression. An elegant bathroom gives us a sense of calm, happiness, and a bit of luxury. Bathroom remodeling ideas can be overwhelming, especially if you don’t know where to start. You can find beautiful bathroom renovation designs in magazines and on websites. How do you decide which one is best for you? Remodel Works agreed that there’s something profoundly satisfying about a thoughtfully designed and practical bathroom.


What Type of Bathroom Do You Need?

Bathroom designs can be unique and special, just like any other part of the home. In most cases, when you remodel a bathroom, you won’t change the type. Consider all your options before committing to a particular idea. You might not have noticed potential opportunities if you did not have the help of an experienced interior designer.


Your regular bathroom includes a sink, toilet, shower, and bath. Traditionally, older homes had only one full bathroom for the whole family. Master suites are large rooms with private bathrooms and several other amenities, depending on the customer’s requirements. You can always add one if a home does not already have it. Practical benefits include eliminating long lines at morning shower time by freeing up the standard bath for family use.

Half bath

Generally, a half bath has a sink and a toilet. It’s a handy addition for guests, so they don’t occupy your main bathroom. Having a half bath means that you don’t have to have a large footprint. You can fit them anywhere in the house. It also boosts curb appeal and the home’s market value.

Wet bathroom


The wet bathroom doesn’t have a separate shower stall or curtained shower. Walls, floors, and cabinets in wet baths are coated with waterproof paint. My favorite way to design a bathroom is with a wet room. Stylish shower doors won’t block the view, making you look modern and sleek. In addition, it is efficient. Their waterproofing ensures that water won’t splash on your wall or floor. Because wet baths have no curbs or other obstacles, they are also compatible with universal design principles. Furthermore, wet baths are space-efficient. Wet baths allow you to fit more into a smaller room if you remodel or add a bathroom to your home. The most durable way to build a bathroom is with wet baths, which are a bit more expensive.

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Do You Really Need a Bathtub?

Traditionally, bathrooms have bathtubs, but we rarely find the chance to soak in them. There is a growing trend among Americans to shower rather than take a bath. This may have something to do with the pace of life these days. Showers use much less water than baths. Adding a bathtub to your bathroom remodel is a big yes if you like having a relaxing moment for yourself over a glass of wine. You can soak in a luxury bathtub by yourself in the main bathroom and have the necessary peace and isolation. Keeping at least one bathtub increases the home’s value if you decide to sell anytime soon.

Ventilation Is Important

A humid climate makes bathrooms more prone to dampness. In bathrooms with showers or tubs, proper ventilation is required.

Proper bathroom ventilation is essential for keeping occupants healthy and preventing mold growth. Untreated mold can cause significant damage to bathrooms, especially hidden areas while staining and causing expensive damage.


Windows can indeed provide ventilation. However, having your windows constantly open allows elements to come in. It’s also not ideal to have a window open during colder periods.

You can solve ventilation problems in the bathroom with externally vented exhaust fans on timers.

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