July 15, 2024

Do You Know What Printer Toner Is?

If you have a laser printer, then you will need toner cartridges while for any inkjet printers you will need ink cartridges. Do you know the difference between the two?

Your inkjet printer cartridges will be filled with liquid ink that is ejected through the print heads onto your paper. Ink can produce quite a vivid and crisp print. If you have a high-end inkjet printer, which uses more than 4 CMYK cartridges can produce prints with many different arrays of colors.

Printer Toner

Toner on the other hand is made of very finely ground plastic. Also, a few other ingredients have been further added that help in the process of your printing. Silica can keep the toner particles free and loose that freely flow inside the cartridge.

You can buy both inkjet printer cartridges as well as toner cartridges from the website https://needmoreink.com online. However, before you place an order, you must know what type of printer you have and what type of cartridges you need.

While buying printer toner, you must consider the following few things.

What is your printer model?

printer model

Because toner cartridges are used in a variety of laser-printing equipment, this should be your first concern when purchasing one. Most toner cartridges will have a manufacturer’s component number on them, which you can use to get the exact same toner whether you are ordering online or over the phone.

Different varieties available on the market

It will be a little more expensive if you buy from the original equipment manufacturer. Compatible cartridges are less expensive, but any low-quality cartridge may result in poor print quality.

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Used cartridges are those that have been repaired with new parts are also available as remanufactured cartridges. There are refill cartridges available, which replace worn parts of any cartridge to restore it to working order.

What is your page yield?

Printer Toner

You will want to get the most out of your toner cartridge by printing as many pages as possible. Check the product codes, and high yield toners are frequently indicated by an ‘X’ mark. In terms of cost per page, these are superior.

Alternatively, you can compute page yield by assuming a standard coverage of 5% on each page, which equals about two paragraphs of content on each page.

Toner and ink are not the same

Because the ink is a liquid, which will be sprayed onto the paper, it will bleed long after it has dried if the paper gets moist. Toners employ fast-drying plastic granules to avoid smearing and bleeding of documents. So, ensure that you are purchasing toner rather than ink.

What is your intended use?

Printer Toner

To get the most out of your cartridge, think about the types of jobs you will be printing and the quality you require. For example, if you want to print a large number of black prints for test jobs, you will not prefer to use a costly color cartridge rather you will go for a cartridge designed specifically for this purpose.

However, if you have to print a color flyer, you will need a higher-quality toner, which will be more expensive but will provide a brighter, crisper, more professional result.

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