October 1, 2023

Proven Email Marketing Strategies To Get Clicked Successfully

Marketing is crucial for every business otherwise people will not know about their existence. In this digital era, email marketing is a cost-effective marketing tool that allows marketers to sell their stuff or communicate about their brand. It offers the highest and most measurable return on investment.

The average email marketing ROI is $36 on each $1 spent. It means on one dollar you receive 36 times in return. With more than 144 billion emails blasted daily, it seems challenging for your message to stand out.

Email Marketing

The merciless inbox of standard consumers agitates with a long list of marketing messages, competitive subject lines, and marketing messages. So, how can your business email look any different than the noise?

Active Marketing professionals can help marketers create a robust email marketing strategy that can be effective. Here are some proven strategies that have got clicked successfully.

Personalize email without the recipient’s name 

Cyber security concerns associated with credit card thefts, identity theft, and phishing are high. Many customers are wary about emails, especially the ones with personal greetings. So, forcing familiarity very soon makes the personalization look cynical. In real life, personalization or intimacy has to be earned including email. Fake familiarity turns cautious readers off. It doesn’t mean all personalization forms are off-limits.

Creative strategy – Send an email that acknowledges the subscriber’s individuality [demographics or purchase history] will trigger an interest. For example, past product personalization means directing customers to their past purchase patterns have triggered 98% of positive responses from customers. This reveals a lot more care than sending emails with the recipient’s name. It is specific to the recipient’s history and needs.

Perfect subject line

Email Marketing

The subject line has to be between 60 – and 70 characters. It is referred to as a dead zone of the subject length by marketers. A survey reported that there is no increase in CTRs or open rates at 60-70 subject line character length. On the other hand, subject lines with 70+ characters successfully engage CTRs and subject lines with less than 49 characters tested great for open rates.

Creative strategy – The mantra here is – for CTRs to go long and open rates to go short. A helpful strategy is to cut back a bit or squeeze a little more words and avoid the dead zone of 60 to 70 characters.

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Primetime for mailing

Optimal mailing time depends on your customer’s inbox crowding, behavior, and other marketer’s deployment times. Many quality emails created during business hours are not mailed during business hours [9 am to 5 pm]. These are mailed at night. According to a study, emails sent from 8 pm to midnight received the best open rates.

Creative strategy – Late-night emails outperform but you need to test and test to identify how your target audience ticks.

Mobile-friendly emails

Email Marketing

The open rate for mobile is 47%, so ensure that your emails don’t appear funky on Smartphones. A responsive design is the best option no matter which size screen your target customer reads.

Creative strategy – You need to convert email into a single-column template. Increase readability and make CTAs obvious.

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