July 15, 2024

How Custom Orthotics Can Help Bunions?

A bunion is also known as Hallux Valgus. Besides, it is a kind of big toe’s base joint malformation. In most cases, the exact cause for it is unclear. Because of this problem, your foot may rub against your shoes, resulting in pain and swelling. People who have bunions must wear proper footwear. Otherwise, it can be difficult to manage bunions. If wearing footwear did not help you in this condition, you must immediately check with your podiatrist about the available options.

As bunions can be painful, they might affect your lifestyle very badly. In fact, you will not be able to walk comfortably. People with bunions must avoid activities like hiking, running, dancing, and other activities which can put stress on their feet. When you put too much pressure on your feet, you might have to use pain relievers to manage the symptoms. Unfortunately, the development of bunions is a progressive condition. As a result, once it starts, it will only become worse.


You can reduce the progression of bunions by following a healthy lifestyle. However, in most cases, surgery is required to get rid of the bunions completely. With the help of orthotics, you can manage your pain and regain foot function without having to undergo bunion surgery. The main purpose of custom orthotics is to provide you with some support when walking. It helps by evenly distributing the pressure and body weight. This can actually stop further damage.

If you are looking for prescription orthotics, meet a podiatrist immediately. There are many podiatrists everywhere nowadays. But as some of them may not provide the best treatment to their patients, it is important to choose a podiatrist carefully. Here is a suggestion for you to save time. You could choose a podiatrist like Dr. Sima Soltani, for the best treatment. She is well known for bunion treatment in Orange County. For custom orthotics in Orange County, do take her suggestion.


There are some stores online where you can find custom orthotics. Compare the quality and prices to find the best custom orthotics. Many people often get confused between over-the-counter shoe inserts and orthotics. Understand that both are different from each other. Custom-made orthotics are meant for specific foot sizes, whereas the over-the-counter ones are made for average foot sizes. You must always go for the ones that are made specifically for your foot size if you are looking for the best support. The over-the-counter ones may not provide enough support.

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Your foot has connections between its many parts. For example, the symptoms of the bunion might ger worsen due to the lack of stability in the foot arch or ball. Unstable feet can also cause bunions to develop more quickly. With the help of custom-made orthotics, you can find some relief from the bunion’s pain.

How to prevent bunions?


Your chance of experiencing bunions is significantly influenced by your choice of footwear. Your risk of developing this condition would be fairly high if you regularly wear high heels or tight shoes. Bunion risk is increased by any footwear that applies pressure on the front area of your foot. Our bodies are built such that the weight is evenly distributed over our feet. High-heeled shoes, for example, put more weight on the front part of the foot. Because of this, when you walk or simply stand, more weight is placed on your feet’s toes. Bunions and foot deformity can both result from this constant pressure. This is why it’s important to wear footwear that is supportive and comfortable.

A lot of people are suffering from various health problems due to being overweight. The pressure on your feet would be more when you are overweight. And, this can increase the risk of the foot issues like bunions. It is important to take enough rest daily. Avoid standing for many hours continuously in a day. Overuse and damage to the foot can result from constant pressure. Even though your feet are made to work well, spending hours each day standing or walking is not recommended. Older age people should be especially careful about it.

If you are suffering from diabetes, the chances would be high for you to experience various kinds of foot-related problems. Hence, it is important to go for regular check-up.

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