October 1, 2023

Read to Know How Pallet Inverters Can Benefit Industries

You can get a competitive advantage by knowing the present and upcoming difficulties facing the printing and corrugated cardboard industries.

The following are the main concerns affecting the printing and corrugated industries:

  • Protecting products during the shipping process
  • Converting to digital solutions
  • Addressing excessive labor that can be easily handled by equipment
  • Handling safety concerns because of repetitive trauma injuries
  • Lowering costs

Pallet inverters are an excellent example of machinery for printing and corrugated production plants that saves labor.

Pallet inverters are an excellent example

A palettenwender (English Meaning pallet turner or pallet inverter) is designed to flip a complete pallet of printed material, doing away with the need for personnel in the bindery to manually turn sheet-fed material.

With the use of automatic pallet inverters, repetitive motion jobs that frequently result in accidents, low morale, and a high personnel turnover rate are eliminated.

Pallet inverters also lessen product damage and keep prices under control. By rotating, tilting, and transferring large loads, it is an automated system that eliminates the counterproductive labor of stacking and re-stacking products.

Pallet inverter providers come in a variety, from which you can choose depending on your needs. The majority of pallet inverters include a 180⁰ rotation for an easy and speedy inversion.

Pallet inverters come in many varieties to accommodate varying movements, load capacities, and clamp pressures.

For instance, you can decide between the following:

  • Custom inverters
  • Single clamp
  • Dual clamp
  • Ground loading
  • Ramp loading
  • Inline conveyorized system
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If you have properly understood the purpose of a pallet inverter and what it is, then you must also know the following benefits offered by a Pallet inverter:

Pallet inverter can reduce the risk of injury

  1. Pallet inverter can reduce the risk of injury

If employees must lift and handle heavy objects by hand, they run the risk of suffering an injury at work. Pallet inverters provide a routine for rotating loaded pallets more securely.

  1. Pallet inverter can reduce the risk of product damage

Pallet inverters enable you to replace damaged pallets prior to storing or delivering goods to clients, reducing the risk of product damage.

Pallet inverters can help you avoid utilizing damaged loaded pallets when transferring them, which creates an extra risk to your staff and your goods.

  1. Pallet inverter can help in increasing your productivity

On several pallet inverters, 180° product rotation takes far less time than manually unstacking and restacking pallets. A product is less likely to be harmed by human error if it has not been handled roughly.

Pallet inverters make it possible to fully automate a process that rotates or shifts pallets faster and with less chance of error than traditional methods.

  1. Pallet inverter can save your space

Pallet inverters can be used in locations where lift vehicles cannot operate. Using the variety of sizes and types that the pallet inverters provide, you may decide how to build up your business and organize activities.

Investing in the appropriate material handling equipment is the first step in learning how to increase printing warehouse productivity. You may enhance safety, organization, and professionalism in your warehouse by using suitable pallet inverters.

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