October 1, 2023
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How To Choose The Right Type Of Fasteners?

Fasteners are hardware designed to clamp materials together. You can separate them into two main categories.

  • Permanent or single-use fasteners like nails and rivets. Removing such fasteners can damage the object/s they are holding together.
  • Non-permanent fasteners are simple to remove and reused more than once. Common non-permanent fasteners are bolts used in different sectors for assembling, disassembling, and reassembling.

There is no need to use permanent fasteners always for long-lasting projects because even the non-permanent types can handle weight and pressure.

Fastener Types

Fasteners are hardware designed

Threaded Fasteners

  • Bolts – Bolts are used with a washer or nut to hold them in place and keep two parts joined strongly. Bolt types include carriage bolts, plow bolts, and flange bolts.
  • Screws – Screws even have a hex head and are threaded internally for extra security. Common types include drywall screws, wood screws, masonry screws, and deck screws.
  • Studs – It has no head but is threaded. They join two objects internally and are welded. Common types of studs are fully threaded, double-end, tap end, and clinch studs.

Fair Wind Fastener Company offers the highest quality, corrosion-resistant Bronze wood screws, especially for boat-building projects. Other sectors that use stainless steel fasteners are aerospace, automotive, construction, petrochemical, medical, and nuclear.

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Non-threaded Fasteners

Fastener Types

These are permanent options and are available in a variety of styles.

  • Nails – Nails are available in multiple sizes. The different categories of nails are common nails used in DIY projects. There are box nails and sinker nails designed for special purposes.
  • Rivets – It has a tail, shank, and head. Materials like wood and metals are joined together. Common rivet types are solid rivets, semi-tubular rivets, and split rivets.
  • Pins – There are extensive styles of pins including hair pins, dowel pins, and slotted pins.

It seems overwhelming but here are tips to choose the ideal fastener for your project.

Things to Consider While Choosing A Fastener

  • Load case – Determine the weight that the fastener will need to hold. It helps to know how much secureness is necessary and the kind to buy.
  • Clamping force – Calculate the pressure, the joint will encounter. It helps to determine if a permanent fastener or a non-permanent type is needed.
  • Bolt diameter – Select the smallest bolt diameter capable to support the load.
  • Tightening method – Consider the damage as well as a security feature.
  • Securing method – Securing defines how well the fastener will hold the load.

How Fasteners are Made

Fasteners have to undergo different manufacturing techniques depending on the material and style. Some common fastener manufacturing methods are –

  • Cold forging – This method helps to create a product that has better mechanical and physical properties in comparison.
  • Hot forging – It is a great method for designing fasteners with large diameters. Besides, the metal is made malleable to make complex sizes and shapes.
  • Machining – The material is not molded but cut in shape. It is a great method to make non-standard fasteners. Nevertheless, only for making a short amount of fasteners because the technique is time-consuming.

Make sure to buy the right fasteners from a reliable manufacturer for your project!

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