October 1, 2023

Ways to Lighten and Brighten your Freckles Easily

A lot of you might be worried about your freckles and want to get rid of them. Well, it is possible, but will take time for it to happen. In this article, you will learn ways that will help you lighten and reduce the appearance of freckles.


If you are reading this article you need to know that it won’t be easy, and requires patience to see the final results. Freckles are the effect of sun exposure that appears on the skin naturally. They are common for the ones that have a light skin tone. But there are certain ways to lighten and fade the freckles appearing on your skin.

Retens Medical clinic in Hong Kong has come up with a Pico Laser treatment, that can be helpful to you. Having freckles can be genetically passed on and is very common in fair skin tones. They are brownish spots mostly noticed on the face and parts exposed to the sun like the arms, neck, and shoulders.

Kids at the young age of 3 begin to develop freckles until they turn 20 years old. Exposure to sun rays on the skin is the aggravator of freckles. These freckles grow with age and are quite common in people above 50. Age spots and freckles are both issues of pigmentation and can be treated with similar treatments.

You can seek help for your skin issues related to freckles or anything with Retens hk with their best 皮秒激光 [English Meaning = Picosecond laser]. You can enquire and get your appointment fixed easily. Make sure that you get a consultation done before you start your treatment.

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Here are ways that you can reduce the freckles:

Protect your skin from the sun:

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With growing age, even freckles fade. According to doctors, you can use sunscreen to protect yourself from the sun, which is the main reason for freckles. Remember that sunscreen prevents the appearance of freckles, but does not reduce the ones that you already had.

Chemical Peel:

Chemical peels are skin exfoliates with chemicals like lactic acid and glycemic. These peels help in removing the top layer of skin and freckle reduction. It takes 2 to 3 days to post chemical peel for the skin to heal and regenerate a new layer of skin.

Laser skin toning:

There are many treatments available for the removal of freckles. The treatment of the affected area is done with a concentrated laser beam, which affects only the area that is pigmented and leaves the rest unaffected.

Mesotherapy and PRP (Platelet rich plasma):

To treat freckles mesotherapy and PRP is combined with treatment like laser skin resurfacing and micro-needling. Blemishes, acne, melasma, freckles, and different skin imperfection can be treated with similar treatments.

The best cream for removing freckles are creams that have retinoids, vitamin C, glycolic acid, and hydrochloride.

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Besides this chemical procedure and 皮秒 [English Meaning = Picosecond] you can always try natural home remedies on your skin. Always make sure that you do a patch test to ensure that they do not have any side effects on your skin.

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