October 1, 2023

Outstanding Features that Your Campervan Should Have

If you are considering buying a campervan then you already know that there can be practically countless amenities added to it. There can be rotatable chairs, under-bed storage to the pull-out kitchen in a campervan to suit almost any outdoor lifestyle. You can also design the layout and décor of your campervan that would make it stand out in the crowd.

What should your campervan provide?

should your campervan provide
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The classic image of a campervan is known as a motorhome that is mostly used as a living accommodation with a place to cook, eat and sleep. However, it comes with lots of variations for which you need to consider the features while finding the right motorhome for your purpose.

  • Driving it every day should be easy and practically possible.
  • A short wheelbase is ideal for parking but a long wheelbase gives a bigger turning radius and is preferred if you wish to travel more.
  • The usual capacity of a campervan of four people may not be sufficient if the number of people traveling is more.
  • There should be a double bed in the pop-up roof and one more which is created by converting the back seat.
  • The head restraints and seat belts should be adjustable to be out of the way when the vehicle is in bed mode.
  • Airbags, proper seat belts, electrical and gas connections, and safe storage space should be there.
  • Good insulation is necessary for regulating temperature and moisture inside the campervan.
  • There should be heater options to beat the cold temperature outside, but the heater should vent out carbon monoxide.
  • The build of the campervan should be sturdy to deal with the regular bumpy rides on the road.
  • The quality of the materials used for making cabinets, walls, and other parts should withstand the bumps and twists of the road in the long term.
  • There should be proper ventilation and good airflow inside the campervan. 
Designing your campervan
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Designing your campervan

You can design your campervan with items like pop-up pantries and rear doors covered in plants. Check out how to make it look striking and interesting.

Color it bright

Painting your campervan with bright colors is an excellent and inexpensive way to express yourself. Create an amazing design to make it look the best.

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Making the most of the space

Pantries are a must in every home and so does your campervan. Introduce it in your build to make the most of the space.

Pull-out kitchen

Van life is about spending much time outdoors for which a pull-out kitchen is an excellent feature. You would certainly not want to leave your friends outside chatting and relaxing on a lovely summer day and go inside to either cook or prepare a drink. 

Bunk beds
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Bunk beds

If you are traveling with kids, then a bunk bed layout makes it thrilling for kids. Tuck your kids in and carry on with your evening without disturbing them.

Rear door with plants

Having plants on your rear door not only gives you a feel of sleeping in a rainforest but also gives an amazing backdrop for clicking photos.

Choose a campervan with the best features and decorate it the way you wanted to match your lifestyle and taste.

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