October 1, 2023

Few Reasons Why a Pallet Inverter Can Be Very Useful for Your Industry

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It is quite common to see the utilization of pallet inverters in different industries, where there is a need for turning over pallets while they are still loaded with products. By using such pallet inverters one can save time, money, and a lot of work as their strength for doing the job can be much faster than using any manual labour.

Generally, in warehouses as well as in many different industries, pallets are utilised for moving or storing large numbers of freight by using a forklift. Particularly, in the food or pharmaceutical industries, there is a need for switching the product from wooden pallets to certain more hygienic plastic pallets.

To get a customised pallet inverter you may contact a Florida-based company, Top Industries, who have developed many such pallet inverters for different industrial applications.

This Equipment can Make Your Following Operations Easy so That You can Improve the Productivity of your Business.

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1.      Retrieval of broken items

Pallet inverters are frequently used to make it simple to retrieve broken objects from the pallet’s base. There is frequently some accidental bag rupture near the bottom of pallets containing bags of powdered substances, such as cement.

To replace the unbroken bags on the pallet after replacing the one or two broken ones would require emptying the entire pallet in the absence of an inverter.

The entire pallet may be flipped using a pallet inverter, putting the damaged bags on top and making them simple to access.

2.      Switching from one pallet to another

In the food and pharmaceutical industries, where commodities frequently need to be moved from less hygienic wooden pallets to certain more hygienic plastic equivalents, where inverters are employed. A flexible pallet inverter can lift the entire pallet’s load and switch it in a single motion.

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3.      Helps to change pallets

Pallets are pricey, so it makes sense that a business would be hesitant to leave with them if it had made the investment in decent ones. There is no need to utilise high-quality pallets for that reason; shipping skids are more affordable and absolutely adequate for transit. Prior to shipping, it makes sense to convert cargo to shipping skids, and a certain pallet inverter makes this process quick and easy.

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4.      Can make the operation safer for the operator

The pallet inverter ensures operator safety when performing pallet changes. The operator does not have to leave the machine to operate the pallet thanks to the pallet inverter.

The pallet change with the pallet inverter is secure. It is also simple to use. The pallet may be readily altered and is automatically installed. Innovative technology has been used to create the pallet inverter.

5.      Increases efficiency

Pallet inverters are easy to integrate into a variety of material handling processes because of their useful and adaptable designs. These tools are capable of carrying out time-consuming, repetitive lifting, hauling, and orientation duties.

Businesses may save time and employ their workforce more effectively thanks to these advantages. Without going manually to load and unload, broken objects can be removed and replaced.


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