July 15, 2024

Serviced Offices – How to Pick One

A traditional office lease is often difficult, expensive, and time-consuming. Serviced offices that are also known as flexible workspaces make it possible for companies to establish a presence quickly and cheaply in any city.

Serviced Offices
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The serviced office market is now expanding quickly in the real estate industry. London has more than 14 million square feet of flexible workspace, making it one of the largest cities in the world. There are currently over 6,000 flexible workspaces in the UK.

A serviced office is fully furnished, ready for use, and rented by the occupant on a pay-per-use basis. An operator manages a serviced office building, which typically consists of several floors or services that are rented by various business clients.

A serviced office is ideal for businesses that frequently change locations since it can be accessed and streamlined as needed.

Serviced offices are typically fully furnished and consist of modern facilities.

They are also more affordable to maintain since they don’t require hiring maintenance staff. Everything, including maintenance of the office building, is included in the annual fee. Therefore, if you’re seeking a convenient way to launch a new business, a serviced office is a great option.

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Things to Consider When Choosing Serviced Office 


Your commute time can be reduced if you worked in a location that was closer to your house and had excellent access to the city via public transport. Serviced offices can be set up in almost all major cities, giving them fantastic proximity to cafes, bars, and restaurants in addition to excellent transport connections.

This is ideal for entertaining lunch guests, going out with your team, or even stopping for a snack on the way home.

Business Requirements 

Serviced Offices Image
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You must first understand your needs to determine whether a serviced office is the best fit for you. Determine precisely which amenities and resources you require the most from these offices. Sometimes serviced offices are quite diverse and serve different types of organizations, therefore their facilities are also versatile.

For example, it is essential to have high-speed Internet access, which is always included in bundles.

Administrative support, boardroom access, and receptionist services are all optional services that can be added permanently or used as needed. The choice of how much assistance you desire from the supplier is ultimately up to you. They’re committed to helping you build a beautiful office workspace.


One of the main benefits of a serviced office space is the flexibility it offers to adjust as necessary. It’s crucial to think about how much space you need. Do you need a workplace that can accommodate three members comfortably? Or do you require a larger office that, while it may seem empty at first, has plenty of areas for you to develop and grow in the future?

Post COVID-19 many companies are working in hybrid mode. This means they don’t call all their employees at one time. hence, even a medium size office is sufficient for businesses working in hybrid mode.

Advanced Technology

To enable you to operate effectively and safely, a serviced office should provide reliable connectivity. The internet facility should have enough flexibility to support your expanding business and consistently provide good communication. Don’t forget about security to ensure safety, you should look for alarm services, covered CCTV, and proximity control systems.

Serviced Offices Pic
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You have a variety of options for these workspaces. Select a serviced office that suits your needs, then communicate with the provider. It is best to go for an onsite inspection to analyze the present features and resources.

Check out some of the private services, ask questions regarding basic maintenance and cleaning procedures, and, if possible, talk to those who are now utilizing the serviced office. They’ll be able to provide you with clear, objective advice.

However, if the terms don’t fit your needs, try not to worry about the little repercussions because you can always adapt to them.

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