October 1, 2023

The Benefits of Taking Silicium Supplements for Healthy Hair, Skin, And Nails

Silicium is a vital mineral that is extremely essential for our body, but has been overlooked by most of us. We are born with an abundance of silicium and low amounts of calcium. As we age, calcium increases, and silicium decreases within the body. This results in the soft tissues becoming stiff and they lose elasticity.

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The presence of silicium is essential in our bodies for bone formation, healthy hair, skin, and nails. All these would be impossible without this vital mineral. However, it is difficult to assimilate silicium from a normal diet. Hence, taking silicium supplements regularly may be extremely beneficial.

Effective Silicium supplement

Silicium supplement is available as Fortisil OSA capsules that come under the branded name of Fortisil. These capsules come in a pack of 30 pills and are a patented formula of Choline Stabilised orthosilicic acid (ch-OSA) that helps in boosting stronger hair, nails, and radiant skin.

Let us delve more into the benefits of silicium supplements.

Role of silicium supplements for hair growth

Silicium has been an unknown mineral that has astounding benefits bearing in mind how it helps in hair growth and prevents thinning of hair.

Hair often thins as we age and taking silicium supplements for hair growth will help you overcome pattern baldness since it has choline, but you will have to give some time for the supplement to show results.

It strengthens the hair follicles which helps in stronger hair and prevents the thinning process as well. Although most hair supplements have biotin that promotes hair growth Fortisil has both silicium and choline that covers all bases for proper hair growth and much-needed aftercare.

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You may buy Fortisil capsules online for a daily silicium supplement that may help reinforce hair strength and prevent breakage.

The active compound in Fortisil capsules is ch-OSA which activates and protects the cells in the body producing the essential collagen. This improves the nutritional flow to your hair roots and nails. It also binds the keratin fibers of each hair strand, which means it reduces hair dryness and split ends.

Saying goodbye to brittle nails with Fortisil capsules

Fortisil OSA has also been clinically proven to help your nails grow stronger.

  • It increases the size of luna which is the half-moon shape at the base of the nailbed where keratin grows.
  • This increases keratin production creating thicker nails.
  • Proper blood flow is enhanced under the nail plate providing more nutrition and helping nails grow faster.
  • It activates I-Proline production, which is a crucial amino acid in keratin.
  • OSA binds the keratin fibers in the nail to prevent peeling and breakage.

Beneficial for skin

It is again due to the collagen production from silicium supplements that your skin gets improved strength and elasticity. You get a clear skin tone and a younger-looking skin.

How safe are Fortisil capsules?

Taking Fortisil OSA capsules is extremely safe and effective as it is a dietary supplement and hence, there are no side effects proved to date. Though you don’t need a doctor’s prescription for buying this supplement, it is advised to consult a doctor if you are suffering from some medical condition or disorder.

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