October 1, 2023

This Is What Happens in A Day at Drug or Alcohol Rehab Centre

Planning for recovery from substance addiction is a big thing for you. However, you might be wondering what will happen with you at the rehab center. I am sure this is the reason why you are here reading this article. So, let us make you understand simply about the day at the drug or alcohol rehab.

Drug or Alcohol

There are various methods to treat addiction, but you must follow a standard framework of therapies. Every residential inpatient treatment centers usually are very structured and organized. Because of this, all the residents feel safe and secure and at the same time relieve their stress and uncertainty.

Various activities are carried out daily so this makes it more interesting for the individuals there. Arrow Passage Recovery is the leading rehab center in Massillon Ohio. They do provide this community healing: co-ed addiction treatment, which means that both men and women work together to bring about a different perspective to the therapy.

Here is a simple example of what happens in a day at a rehab center:

1. Mornings: Wake up early in the morning and start your day with a healthy breakfast. Many centers do offer morning classes or yoga and meditation to make your day start with peace of mind. After breakfast, there will be a group session, which would be conducted by the therapist or the counselor on the topics related to the treatment. This includes a 12-step program, addiction, and recovery. The main idea of this session is to understand the situation because of which you got addicted to this drug or alcohol abuse.

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2. Afternoons: After lunch, the actual therapies will be started like:

  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy: This is a method to identify your behavioral responses to specific triggers. Once it is known, the therapist will guide you with a new and better response.
  • Group therapy: Here every participant will be asked to describe their struggles in addiction. This will sound beneficial as the participants will learn to open up with each other and gradually become friends with weeks down the line.
  • Specialized sessions: These are used in treatments like stress and anger management, where patients require to know techniques to handle the situation in a controlled manner.
  • Family support: Addiction can cause a lot of harm not only to the person but to his whole family too. So, during the family therapy session, many of the problems will be resolved and their feelings will also be addressed. This is very important because it is the family that is going to help you after being discharged from this rehab.

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Drug or Alcohol

3. Free time in Rehab: Here during the free time, various activities will be offered such as playing pool, soccer, basketball, volleyball, and sometimes even providing swimming pool.

4. Evenings: This time there will be another short session in groups. Here a typical 12 step program will be conducted. The meetings are going to be safe and respectful for people.

Bedtime is going to be at an early hour so that the clients will get enough sleep and they are going to be fully alert the next day for the session.

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