October 1, 2023

Signs to Note that You Are Dating a Wrong Person

When you are in a relationship, sometimes you may feel that your relationship is not moving forward at all. It may also cause a bit of frustration. It is now time to do a reality check, on whether you are chasing the wrong person?

Dating a Wrong Person

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The following are a few signs that you are chasing the wrong woman.

1. You may not feel elated when you are together

When you will find true love then you will always feel happy in her company and would like to spend as much time as possible. The happiness will come from within.

In case, you fail to notice any such thing then perhaps you need to introspect whether you are chasing the wrong girl in your life. The sooner you part the company, is better for you.

2. She does not introduce you to her family

After you thought that you have found the right girl in your life then the next thing to do is meet other members of her family. However, if you notice that she is always finding some new excuse to avoid such meetings then you should get the clue.

If the love is only one-sided (from your side only) then such a relationship cannot sustain for a long time.

Dating a Wrong Person

3. She only talks about her

This is a straightforward task. You are both on an equal footing in your relationship. Each of you is entitled to the same level of respect and compassion. You are dating the wrong girl if she is always talking about herself and never mentioning anything good about you or all others around you.

4. She ignores your request howsoever genuine it may be

In every relationship, there is always something like giving and taking. If you ever make a request or a suggestion and your partner just ignores you or prefers not to listen, be sure that you are chasing the wrong girl in your life.

Surely, there may be a time when there may be certain disagreement but if you are being constantly ignored then you must understand that she is not for you.

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5. During any disagreement she attacks you

As mentioned before, in any loving relationship, there can often be disagreement as both of you are an individual. However, that can be handled in a proper manner so that no one is hurt.

If on the contrary, you are constantly intimidated and even attacked while disagreeing then you must draw your conclusion that you are dating the wrong girl.

Dating a Wrong Person

It is better to come out of such a relationship and find your love within your own community and type of woman. The longer you keep your relationship with such a girl you will remain unhappy.

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