October 1, 2023

When Should You Choose Collaborative Divorce Method?

Collaborative divorce is an original method and rising in popularity these days. Instead of fighting your spouse and “winning” at all costs, this divorce process, which entails dividing assets and deciding child custody, emphasizes working together to address problems in a respectful environment.

Collaborative Divorce

In a collaborative divorce, both parties sign a “no court” agreement and commit to cooperate in creating a divorce settlement that they can both agree on. The attorneys that each spouse hires on their own facilitate the procedure. You can choose to include other specialists, a child custody specialist, a neutral moderator, etc., and make a collaborative divorce team. It is advisable to employ attorneys with particular experience in the collaborative process.

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When is Collaborative Divorce a Good Option?

The collaborative divorce option is the best for you if you and your spouse are prepared to put in the effort to collaborate and develop a decent divorce settlement that you can both agree on. Numerous factors influence people’s decision to use the collaborative method. A few of them are:

Divorce Method

  • Priority of the Children:

In the collaborative process, the kids come first. Together with the parents, we avoid putting the kids in the middle and letting them be themselves. Children will suffer when their parents divorce if their needs are not prioritized. Divorce negatively affects their mental health, particularly when they are present in a courtroom, and the repercussions are likely to be long-lasting. A collaborative divorce is a way to make the co-parenting relationship strong and ensure the kids’ protection.

  • Privacy 

Contrary to the regular divorce process, the collaborative divorce process is much more private and discreet. If you opt for a collaborative divorce, no party’s battles will be fought out in a courtroom in front of the public. The procedure is made simpler for everyone concerned because everything is kept secret, including monetary agreements, which lessens stress and its long-term harmful effects.

  • Enhanced Effectiveness

Compared to regular legal cases, collaborative cases frequently conclude significantly more quickly. Divorce proceedings sometimes take years to be resolved, particularly when it comes to splitting assets and determining custody and child support matters. The collaborative divorce process is a well-defined, systematic procedure that typically takes four to eight months to complete, allowing everyone to resume his or her life at the earliest.

  • High rewards at low cost:

Lastly, compared to other legal strategies, a collaborative strategy is often significantly more affordable. A  Team approach to assisting you with your divorce will cost you much less than the standard divorce process. When using a team strategy, the parties consult with monetary and childcare specialists, and the lawyers step aside to let other professionals handle those tasks while still assisting their clients.


If you opt for a collaborative divorce process, then you must treat your partner with respect and decency and comprehend their viewpoint. Further, you must be ready to make concessions and let minor issues slide. This will enable you to complete the divorce process stress-free. These are also the fundamentals of the collaborative approach to divorce.

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