December 11, 2023

Things You Should Know About Hollow Macarons

The deeper you get to know about the journey of macarons the happier you will get with the outward shell of it. However, no matter how good they look from the outside it is not necessary that they look from the inner side too.

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It feels so disheartening to make a perfect macaron with so much energy and bite them to look at the huge gap in the center of the cookie and the top of the shell.

There are certain things that can be the reason for having a hollow macaron. Let us walk through each one of the reasons and steps that can be used to avoid the hollow.

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What is the reason for a hollow macaron shell?

Before starting with hollow shells, you need to know why hollow macaron shells are a problem. There are times when the baked macarons have a tiny gap in the top and center of the shell. There is no problem with that happening and this is quite normal too.

The inside portion of the shells gets back to normal once the macarons are filled and get a chance to be in the fridge the full night. When the integrity of the shell is ruined is the only time when hollow shells get the problem.

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When the gap inside makes the shell fragile and breaks quickly, then there is a problem. But if the gap of the macaron is chewy and sturdy to take a bite then there is no need to worry.

The most common reasons for macarons to be hollow are:

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· Not letting the shell and macarons mature and rest.

You need to know that when macarons come out of the oven, they will not always be full. When you fill up the macarons, the fillings moisture seeps into the shell.

So, make sure that you give the macaron a little time to mature in the fridge before having it.

· Shells are underbaked.

When the shells are not baked well, they collapse inside when they cool. It is similar to the concept of an underbaked cake layer that sinks in. In the case of macarons, it is just hard to notice the hollow part because of the outer layer. When the macarons do not peel off easily, they are said to be underbaked.

· When the batter of the macaron is not mixed in the right amount.

This is a common reason for the macarons to be hollow. Macarons require the right amount of air in the batter so it is necessary that the batter is mixed well.

· When the meringue is under or over-mixed.

The structure of meringue is compromised when the meringue is under or over-mixed. The best way to avoid this is to mix meringue at a medium-high speed. Meringue is more stable when whipped well. Keep this point in mind to make decadent and flavorsome macarons.

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