October 1, 2023

Why British Columbia is the Best Hunting Spot in Canada

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British Columbia is located in the extreme west of Canada. It meets the Pacific sea and has substantial mountain ranges. The climate and region of British Columbia are very different from all other provinces in Canada. The nature here is beautiful. There are various deep valleys, glaciers, mountains, rivers, etc. It covers an area of over a million kilometers!

Because of the fantastic setting and vast area, it is home to the majority of wildlife. This makes it one of the best hunting places in Canada! So plan a BC hunting trip with your friends today and enjoy one of the best adventures of your life!

Home of hunting species

Over more than fifteen major animals that are hunted reside in British Columbia. This is one of the reasons it can be classified as the best place to hunt. You can find deers, bobcats, moose, wolves, wolverines, etc. You can also hunt mountain sheep, goats, cougars if you do not live there. So much to see and do when you arrange a hunting trip.


The best part is that it is not as costly as many other places. Hunting itself is expensive. So do not expect it to be cheap anywhere. However, some are more cost-effective than others. British Columbia is one of those places. Getting a hunting license in British Columbia only costs about 25 dollars. The overall cost of everything if you go on a good trip with all accommodations can cost up to 2.5k dollars.

Strict hunting regulations

The wildlife management authorities strictly monitor hunting in Columbia. It does not matter if you are a resident of the area or just a visitor. You cannot hunt without a license. They also make sure that no one does illegal hunting. Any such attempt can lead you to severe legal proceedings.

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Assistance for visitors

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All visitors are escorted by professional hunters or guides when they go on trips. This is necessary when looking for big game animals. Hunting for deer, lynx, cougar, bear, elks, etc all require for a guide. However, when you are hunting for small animals such as hare, rabbits, foxes, birds, you can go on without a guide.

Amazing Guides

British Columbia will offer you some of the best guides in the country. They will all have their license to guide too! All of them have a different rate, though. But it is worth the cost and the guides will not disappoint you with their services. It is recommended to go through the reviews and ratings of all guides and guiding companies. Then, choose the best one to give you good company and assistance on your trip.


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The area between the location of one hunting place to another is reasonable. Without a doubt the ideal location to hunt for trophy animals. If you plan a 15-day trip, you can hunt three different species without any noticeable efforts. If you are actually determined about it and do not just explore for fun, you might even take over four species. Sometimes, even five.

Wrapping it up

An experience for hunting like the one you get in British Columbia has no competition all over the globe. So if you are enthusiastic about nature and animals, you need to book a trip right away. Best of luck with the hunting trip you will never forget, and the time of your life you will always cherish!

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